Alexander Technique for Runners

Me out enjoying a scenic run in the Lake District

Running is a fantastic way to explore, stay fit and challenge yourself. Yet many people dislike running as they find it too uncomfortable or have difficulty with persistent injuries. Through Alexander Technique you can find a way to run with more ease to increase both enjoyment and performance, whether you are a casual or competitive runner. Alexander Technique lessons can help you to:

  • Address problems in your stride which can leave you prone to injury
  • Understand how to make the most of your breath capacity 
  • Decrease unnecessary, unpleasant stiffness in the neck, back and shoulders
  • Find a less effortful way of running to increase endurance  
  • Deal with mental road blocks

1st Lady in the London to Brighton 100k

My experience:

I started running in my 30s because I thought horse riding wasn’t keeping me fit enough on its own. While I am very much an amateur level runner, I have done relatively well, having won and placed in races ranging in distance from 5k to over 100k. I particularly fell in love  with ultrarunning and fell running. My background in Alexander Technique has been a massive advantage, helping to improve my running stride, breathing and ability to deal with the difficulty of distance running. Seeing this benefit, I decided to train with Malcolm Balk and get his “Art of Running” qualification and study gait analysis, which is now a service I offer.

What I offer:

  • Private lessons in person or online isolating movement problems and giving ideas how to improve everyday movement and strength training
  • Video analysis of running in person or online (you send me a video and I send you an analysis and we discuss)
  • Workshops and talks for clubs

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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